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OUR MISSION: To provide arms to hold every child in need at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles


As you read this, there are children with life-threatening illnesses sitting alone, in bed, without a parent or loved one nearby to comfort them. Sadly, many of these parents either cannot support them, often because they are single, working, or have other children to care for as well. Despite the tremendous efforts by nurses and staff at Children’s Hospital, there are simply not enough hands to hold these children at a time when they need it most. We all know that babies need human touch and to be held. Especially, as a means of comfort. The Koala Corps’ mission is to solve this problem and make a difference in the lives of these children and families, starting with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). This depends on the support of people like you.

Our Challenge:  While there are plenty of people ready to volunteer to hold these little ones, it is not happening because there are insufficient resources to manage the program. We have a goal of raising $257,000 to cover all program expenses for 3 full years. Once achieved, the real work can begin.

The Koala Corps is a not-for-profit initiative, focused on raising funds on behalf of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. CHLA is a non-profit hospital that depends on donations to fund projects and initiatives withinin the hospital. Currently, there is only one staff member that runs all of its social programs. It’s just not enough. A Program Director is needed to manage the countless volunteers who are ready to help. Volunteers must be pre-qualified and trained with utmost care. This includes extensive background checks, shadowing, following hospital procedures and specific training to hold the children. But until we have $257,000 secured, these young children in need cannot get the help they need. In the future, it is our desire to expand this program beyond Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to children in need, worldwide. But for now, we are beginning one child at a time, one hospital at a time. Volunteers are ready, but we need your donations so they can begin. So please, join the Koala Corps. Learn about our story. And most importantly, make your donation today!


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