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Shae’s story

“Our second daughter Shae was born with multiple cognitive delays and complex medical issues. She spent almost 6 months in Children’s Hospital where she underwent a dozen surgeries and procedures. She fought for her life. Our hearts were broken and our lives turned upside down. One of the most important things we could do for her was to hold her. She needed constant comfort.

Because we were long-term inpatients, we saw so many miracles and also death and pain. One of the saddest things to see and hear were babies alone in their cribs while parents had to work, care for other children, or were absent out of neglect. We tried to never leave Shae alone but at times we had no choice. On a few of those occasions I walked into Shae's room to find the most precious sight. An elderly man who was a volunteer cuddler rocking my baby so she wasn't alone. I will never forget that man that I do not know.

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles is a miraculous place and the staff is incredible. However, there are not enough staff or volunteers to hold every baby that is alone. I saw one to two cuddlers a few days a week on the floor where we spent most of our time. It was not nearly enough for the number of babies that were there and that was just one floor of the hospital. Our lives have been forever changed. Because of what we witnessed and experienced we said we would work to change this unmet need. This is our mission, that Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and someday every hospital serving children with life-threatening illnesses, would be permanently changed through the abundance of a corps of volunteers dedicated to hold and give comfort all day, every day.”

- Ciera and Dan Granger