About Oxford Road

Oxford Road is a leading ad agency in Los Angeles that works with some of the world’s most coveted brands, developing campaigns for Podcasts, Radio, and TV. Among their values is “The Golden Rule” which is why they are committed to consistently donating thousands of dollars to the Koala Corps and increasing that donation amount based on how well their ads perform for clients. The better their ads work, the more they give.

Dan Granger, Founder and CEO of Oxford Road, has seen the difference that Children’s Hospital makes in the lives of families in their community firsthand. While he’s proud of the work done by Oxford Road and the contribution they are able to make to the Koala Corps, his greater purpose comes from being the husband of Ciera and father to daughters, Gianna and Shae.


About Ciera

Ciera Granger is a wife, mother, and leader of the Koala Corps. She is an artist and loves cooking, hosting friends and teaching barre classes. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. Being a mom didn’t come easy for her, and she and her husband, Dan, faced overwhelming difficulties when their second daughter was born with multiple disabilities and life-threatening health issues. Ciera and Dan fought alongside Shae as she clung to life at Children’s Hospital of LA for almost six months after she was born in 2006. Their experience caring for their now twelve-year old daughter forever changed their family, and now the Grangers want to help other families at CHLA who are going through similar painful difficulties with their children. That’s why they are dedicated to helping Children’s Hospital get the funding they need through the Koala Corps. Achieving their funding goal will ensure that every baby is held when their families cannot be there. This mission comes from their firsthand knowledge of how important and great this need is.